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Gladiator MAX - 60v Sur-Ron Drop In Upgrade

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Gladiator MAX - 60v Sur-Ron Drop In Upgrade

Fulfilled by our friends at Chi Battery Systems

 Meet the Gladiator 60 Max,  Our Flagship Sur-Ron Battery Upgrade. This 60v battery changes the game in terms of power - made to meet the needs of the most aggressive riders, from stock controllers to aftermarket ones.

Excepted lead time 2-3 weeks and shipping worldwide!

The 60 Max is aimed towards maximizing power while also providing a ton of range - the best of both worlds. With more power available then you’ll ever need, (up to 28kw) this ensures the battery can handle anything you throw at it while achieving over double the range. The 60 Max requires you to swap your stock base plate with a new one, which is included with your order. If you’re looking for a drop-in option with plenty of power, we recommend checking out the 60 Compact. 

This battery is best suited for those using an aftermarket controller who want to increase performance dramatically, or for those using a stock controller who want to keep the option open to upgrade to aftermarket in the future. If you are primarily interested in range, we recommend checking out the 60 Touring and 60 Endurance. The 60 Max will work with your stock charger or our Variable Rapid Charger! 

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The Details:

Over 2x the capacity and 5x-6x the power output compared to your stock battery. Includes custom backlit percent display, original Sur-Ron charge/discharge connector, reinforced carrying handle, hardware for stock-lid fitment, and CNC milled Acetal battery tray.

This 60 Max is built in-house using grade A 21700 Molicel cells with a Smart BMS. It can deliver 420 Amps of continuous discharge and 630 Amps peak. Provides high performance throughout discharge and includes overcharge protection. Pure nickel is used in construction, allowing the battery to run at staggeringly high efficiency and eliminating the possibility of overheating. Cell groups are isolated for superior durability, impact resistance, and each individual cell is fused for safety.

Variable Rapid Charger - Optional Add-On (100-120v only)

Revolutionary solution for your charging needs! Our Variable Rapid Charger provides you a tremendous amount of flexibility in one simple package. Need a lightning-quick charge while you’re out on the town? Turn it up to get the juice you need. Home for the night? Turn it down for a super healthy and slow charge.

  • 5 charging modes - 2 amp, 4 amp, 7 amp, 10 amp, and 12 amp
  • Set charge target - 80%, 90%, 100%
  • Active Cooling, chargers faster than Sur-ron stock fast charger, tried and tested, ground pin on outlet plug 

 Video Install Guide

A note on shipping outside the Continental USA: 

Sur Ron bikes are popular all over the world so we try to ship everywhere. However: orders outside of the Continental USA may be subject to an additional surcharge for shipping. This includes Hawaii. If you decide you do not want to pay the shipping surcharge, your order will be cancelled and refunded. Although we try to ship to most places, in some cases, are not able to arrange shipping at a reasonable cost. We reserve the right to cancel and refund battery orders in such instances.