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K&S Universal Round Aluminum Turn Signals FOR HONDA KAWASAKI YAMAHA KYMCO and now SUPER73

These fit well in the turn-signal holes on the S-2 and RX. To mount in the front, you will want mounting brackets. They also mount on our MER S-2 Panniers. They are bright but mellow, and give your bike an old school style.


Sold raw wires in one pair.  Plug and Play kit includes two pairs (front and rear) fully wired. Allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery of kits.

Available in Amber, Red, or Smoke Lens. Smoke Lens  with amber light. 

Note to "Super72" modders: You can easily use the two dedicated turn signal wires from the NB Powers lighting harness to hook these up and = Voila! You have flashing turn signals controlled from the handlebar switch!  Other modders: a flasher fuse and wiring required to make these blink. 


Plug and Play turn Signal Indicator Kit for Super73 R, RX, S2, and ZX MotorBikes.  Add the plug and play battery kit to these turn signals! Kit includes:

  • FRONT AND REAR Turn Signals
  • Pre-made wiring harness with flash fuse in black Techflex cable looming.
  • Turn Signal Switch for Handlebar

Indicators are powered by a 3000mAh battery. The switch mounted on the handlebars functions : up is right and down would be left.

Upgrade to a 6000ah battery with USB available.

We do NOT ship batteries outside the continental USA. Contact us if you want to order a kit without a battery.


1. Attach the bolt-on battery box where desired. Mounts to water cage area or similar M5 tap out locations on most bikes. Use the two small holes in front of the bike to insert an allen wrench. Use the long holes to insert two small M5 bolts and attach box to frame.

2. Attach the small flash fuse to the battery box. The two small holes are tapped for M5.

3. Plug connection into battery.

4. install turn signals where desired and connect to battery connector (Yellow Plug Ends).

5. Zip tie wiring to frame. IMPORTANT: do not allow wires to hang or dangle where they can be caught in moving parts!

6. Install turn signal switch where desired on handlebars. Conventional arrangement is up/top/forward facing position = right turn and vis versa.

7. Power battery on and test! Signals will display more rightly with a full charge.


  1. If you have and R, RX, S2, ZX the rear kit works with your bike.
  2. If you have an RX with the stock headlight and headlight fairing the front & rear signals fit your bike.
  3. If you have an R, S2 or ZX with an aftermarket headlight that uses fork mounting brackets with holes, the front & rear kit work with your bike.
  4. To mount on the forks of an S2, you can purchase a 31mm bracket for mounting turn signals to forks.
  5. Mounts on MER Panniers.

No mounting brackets included, the lights are intended to mount on existing headlight hardware and rear hole cut outs for models listed. To mount on the front FORK you will need brackets.

This kit will work separately from your stock battery, you will simply screw on the light in the hole cut outs of the R, RX, S2 & ZX models and connect to the battery pack. The switch mounted on the handlebars functions : typically, up is right and down would be left.

We do NOT ship batteries outside the continental USA. Contact us if you want to order a kit without a battery.