Gritshift Kickstand Swing Arm Protector Guard

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Like many riders, you want to keep your bike looking nice and despise scratches. However, without our footpeg support brace, your stock kickstand is notorious for scratching up your swingarm. To keep your bike's swingarm better protected and looking pristine, you can add a kickstand frame protector.

This custom-made adhesive-lined tubing is designed to slip directly onto your stock kickstand for a protective barrier. To ensure a snug fit, simply apply heat with either a heat gun or a torch. This will cause the inner layers to shrink down and snugly wrap around your kickstand. That's all it takes. With this protective tubing you can kick up that kickstand over and over without the fear of scratching your swingarm.

  • Custom Designed For Surron And Segway X160 / X260
  • Adhesive Lined Kickstand Rubber Guard
  • Prevents & Protects From Scratches On Your Swingarm
  • Fits Both styles of Surron and Segway Kickstands
  • Easy Installation: Simply Slip-On And Apply Heat