Underbody Light Kit for Super73 Bikes

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Super73 Underbody LED Strip Light Kit

Govee is a trusted brand name in LED lighting. These Govee kits are modified to fit the rear brake light connection on the S-2 or RX. The stock brake light remains functional.


  • 3 Pin HIGO connector-adapted Govee underbody kit.
  • HIGO splitter to allow use of stock brake light together with underbody light kit.
  • RF remote control: Manage your motorcycle underglow LED light via the 4-key RF remote. motorcycle led light kit Enjoy access to color changing, music mode
  • and preset scene mode from the comfort of a press on your remote.


Music mode: with bulit-in sensitive mic, our motocycle strip lights can sync to the ambient sound and change colors, helping you enjoy a brilliant colorful RGB lED lighting effect, enhance your motorcycle driving experience.

Dynamic scene mode: Govee LED light is a good choice for your motorcycle accessories, our motorcycle neon lights offer multiple preset scene modes, allowing you to create different vibes you need in your driving world.

Dimmable: control your light strips brightness level with the RF remote easily. With 5 brightness levels available, you can brighten or dim your RGB motorcycle LED light strip to your liking.

Install with ease: these waterproof motorcycle LED light strips are flexible and powered by a 12V working voltage. The adhesive and clips in the motorcycle light strip kit not only makes setup simple but also ensures your strip lights do not fall. Be sure to thoroughly clean the area before sticking the strips on!

(Note 1: wiring schematic shown is modified to fit the electric bikes.)