3000 / 5000 Watt Motor 190 dropout (Super73 S-2, R, RX)

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Build a fast e-bike/moped with this kit. This is the correct dropout for the S-2 and R/RX frames - 190mm. A 72 volt battery is required to power this motor (choose 20 ah or 30 ah). Max speed?  (Reported from the field: 59+mph on a 20 x 4 fat tire bike.)

  • QS 72V 5000W bldc motor
  • 20"x 4.0 Double-wall alloy rim to fit Super73 and many other fat tire ebikes.
  • 72V 100A sabvoton controller with brake light wire
  • Alarm / Bluetooth Adapter  / TFT UKC1 colorful display
  • 2 electric brake levers (power off from both)
  • Two Torque Arms
  • Twist Throttle
  • 190 Dropout
  • Fixed Gear

Finish your build like a pro with colored wire wrap! Professionally organize your wiring with a variety of colors.

Note 1: Obviously, this sort of modding to any stock bike will not only give you warp speed, but will warp your manufacturer's warranty.  That's a risk you are accepting. Be smart: use a full face helmet and maybe even a jacket with some armor, and gloves - definitely gloves. Don't ride where you will annoy people or might cause an accident. Riding a bike frame at high speeds carries risk of bodily harm or death and you understand and are assuming that risk. Be safe and have fun!

Note 2: This is not "plug n play" modding. The slide-in axle tabs for the stock RX are too small to fit the axle on this motor and will require a machine shop to mill out a few millimeters all around to fit the new axle. On the RX, the large 72 Volt Battery required for this motor will not fit in the space below the top bar but can be mounted against the down tube. (It will fit okay on the S-2.) The controller that comes with this system also will need to be mounted either in the frame or under the seat. This is a fun project, but not a paint-by-the-numbers kit.

  • Requires 72 volt battery. 20ah battery is good for the 3000 watt. For the 5000 watt, 30 ah battery is recommended.
  • We highly recommend adding our enclosure kit fabricated at MER with your choice of color powder coat. It makes it much easier to install.

For Motor and Battery Kits: allow 2-3 weeks for handling & shipping. NO RETURNS. 

For MER Enclosures with Motor and Battery: allow 4 - 5 weeks to build and for handling & shipping. SHIPS FROM USA. NO RETURNS. 

Note that there is an additional air cargo fee for shipment to Hawaii from USA. 

-Why is there a large price jump between the 20 ah and the 30 ah enclosure? The larger battery requires a larger enclosure. To make it look right, we added more material, bends, and some pocket welding. It's more labor intensive, but we think if a thing is worth doing, it is worth doing right.

-Note that there is no pedal assist with these units. Your pedal and chain will operate manually.