Installing the NB Power Motor Light Kit Harness

Installing the NB Power Motor Light Kit Harness

This picture blog shows you how to connect the wires in the NB Power Lighting Harness. The  kit comes with lights, brakes, and a horn. Most importantly, it has a 72v to 12 volt converter. The brakes have integrated turn signals.  We expect that many modders will swap these parts out for their own choice of lights and tie in external turn signals and aux lights. It is not hard to do.  However, to start, here are the basics of installing.
Step One. The kit comes with a connector that will turn the system on or off. You want to plug that into the harness and have it in the off setting when you work.  After you install the kit, you can stow this inside the enclosure and leave it on, or you can route it up to the handlebars. It is probably useful to shut it off when storing the bike so the lights do not drain the battery. You will connect this to the pink +yellow wire connection on the harness. 
Step Two. The next thing you want to do is mount the 72 volt converter. We used one bolt that fit conveniently. See pic.  The converter connects to the pink/yellow/black wire connection. 
Step Three. It may be easiest at this point to connect the system to the battery. Start with the black wire. You will use a phillips screwdriver to unscrew the black connection on the converter and then add the black wire from the harness and connect the two black wires back in place.  It will be best to lay the bike on its side to do this. Avoid accidentally bridging the positive and negative terminals with your screwdriver! Hold it straight. Make sure you have a good position to work in.  After the black wires are done, repeat this with the red wires.  It is not unusual to see a little spark. Picture shows the two red wires connected.  You now have the system plugged in to power and running through the converter with 72v going in and 12 v coming out and into the harness!

Step Four. Connect the brake signal wires. We have NB Power makes these connections just for Super73 bikes.  You can remove the red 2 pin HIGO connections from the brake levers and attach the two that come in the kit. Then connect these to the harness. This will allow the brakes to light up when the levers are pulled. These will plug into the two small connectors with pink and green/yellow wires in the harness.

Step Five. Connect the Flasher fuse pot.  This makes the turn signals blink. The wires match on the latest set of harnesses and are green, pink, black.

Step Six. Connect the brake light. Red is positive, black is negative, and yellow is signal. Any other colors are for the turn signals.  (Picture shows orange and green, but some kits are orange and blue). You will want to test to make sure that you have the correct side lighting up when use the handlebar switch to signal left or right. 

Step Seven. Connect the handlebar switch. That a collection of three small connectors. They are not exactly color-coded, but the one with dark blue connects to the other one with darkish blue, the black single connects to the pink single, and that leaves the last one that can only connect in one place.

Step Eight. Connect the light with the long wire that is red and black and a little thicker in gage.  The kit light is cute, but kind of basic.  If you want to switch out to a different style of light, you can use the shrink tube connectors we sent and/or the HIGO connector.  Because this is running direct off a battery in a simple system, you will be able to connect red wire to red wire and black wire to black wire when adding a new light.
Step Nine. Connect the horn if desired.
Step Ten. Test. You can test the system by turning the on/off switch to on. 
How to use the shrink tube connectors. If a connection is loose or you want a more durable waterproof connection or you are tying in additional wires for turn signals for example, you can use the shrink tube connectors. Simply insert the wires from each end with some bare copper overlapping and heat the tube with a heat gun or hair blowdryer. The solder inside will melt and the tube will shrink and waterproof the connection. Let it cool a minute before juggling wires around.
How to tie in additional turn signals.  Connect the negative of the signal (black) to the negative on the brake wire (black). Connect the power side of the signal to one of the turn signal wires on the brake light set (orange or blue or green).  You can use shrink tube connectors for this. To add in signals in the front, you will need "hook up wire" to run the length of the bike, and then tie them in the same way in the same places.